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The European Partnership for Action Against Cancer successfully organised its second Open Forum. The event was hosted by the Italian Ministry of Health and casted a spotlight on Health Promotion & Prevention and Cancer Data & Information (Work Packages 5 & 9). The Open Forum was held on 19 – 20 June 2012 in Rome.

Mr. John Dalli,  EU Health Commissioner, Mr. Alojz Peterle, Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and President of the Group MEPs Against Cancer (MAC), Mr. Renato Balduzzi, Italian Minister of Health and Mr. Tomaž Gantar, the Minister of Health of the Republic of Slovenia opened the Open Forum, welcomed the participants  and stressed that cancer is not just a national health challenge, but also a European one. By sharing knowledge, capacity and expertise in cancer prevention and control, we can address the problem across the continent more effectively.

A diverse group of stakeholders from across Europe met in Rome to discuss cancer prevention and the promotion of better health, exchange views and best practices. Leading experts in the field of cancer information and cancer registries discussed the Proposal for a European Cancer Information System.

The final agenda for the Open Forum in Rome can be accessed here.
To see the Biographies of the Speakers and Panelists click here.

To see the Open Forum Presentations click on the links below:

19 June

Plenary Introductions:

Gauden Galea, "NCDs, EPAAC and Health 2020: Where next?"

Michael Richonnier, "Europe Against Cancer: How did it happen 25 years ago?"
Sandra Radoš Krnel, "EPAAC Update"

20 June

Wendy Yared, "Update of WP5: Prevention and Health Promotion"
Stefan Schreck, "Physical Activity, Nutrition, Obesity"
Martin Wiseman, "Evidence on Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion"
Luk Joossens, "How to Put Pressure on Your Politicians"
Yana Dimitrova, "You Kill, You Pay"
Susan Knox, "Breast Health Day"
Reinhold Stockbrugger, "Colorectal Cancer Screening in Closed Communities"
Rute Horta, "HPV Vaccination Campaign"
Susanna Leto di Priolo,"Cancer Prevention in the Corporate Setting"
Marie-Christine Wilmink, "European Week Against Cancer Youth Competition"
Milena Sant, "Aims and expected outcomes of WP9 and of the day"
Renee Otter, "What is needed: illustration and discussion of the most important needs on population-based cancer information: the role of cancer registries"
Mike Richards, "Use of population based epidemiological data for health planning"
David Forman, "Cancer epidemiological data available in Europe at population level"
Ulrik Ringborg, "Cancer Care: population based vs. clinical approach, possible integration"
Francesco de Lorenzo, "Survivorship: Patiens' point of view"
Riccardo Capocaccia, "European Cancer Information System"
Ciaran Nicholl,"Role and task of JRC in the future ECIS, relationship with registries"
Stefano Rosso, "The ENCR contribution to the ECIS"

To see the Media Training Presentations click on the links below:

Silvia Francisci, "The best and the worst in Europe – what are they doing that we are not?"
Mike Richards and Tit Albreht, "How can my country get the best results in Europe? – You challenge a cancer Czar"

To see the Open Forum Press Materials click on the links below:

EPAAC OF Rome Press Kit
EPAAC OF Rome Poster
EPAAC Factsheet
EPAAC OF Rome Press Release
Leaflet Cancer Policy-History
Leaflet on Cancer Prevention
Leaflet on Cancer Screening

To see the Open Forum Videos please click here.

For the final programme of the Media Training event that was held within the Open Forum and hosted by the European School of Oncology and the European Broadcasting Union, please click here.

Making Sense of Cancer: A Journalist's Guide was finalised. The Guide arose from the experiences of the Media Training session, which took place with journalists from across the EU, at the Open Forum in Rome in June 2012. The Guide provides a concise overview of various issues dealing with cancer reporting. Please feel free to distribute this guide through your media contacts and networks.
To see "Ex-smokers are Unstoppable" campaign, that was present in Rome on the occasion of the 2nd Open Forum, please click here.

To see the Joint Action meeting documents, click on the links below:

Participant List
Matic Meglic WP2 Presentation

To see the e-conference book please click here.