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Helping your patients make the best of their lives after treatment starts with thinking ahead before treatment and tailoring support for as long as it is needed. But evidence, knowledge and good practice about the sort of problems that are likely to arise with different cancers and different treatments, and questions about the best way to avoid or assess and manage them, and who should be involved in delivering services and how, have received scant attention outside of the US. This may change with the establishment of a new European Collaborative Group on Cancer Survivorship. In this e-grandround, Neil Aaronson, who has been leading this work, talks through some of the key issues.

What do you think?

Do oncologists and cancer nurse specialists focus enough on ensuring their patients feel and function as well as possible in the short and long term?
Do we need more systematic ways to assess needs and ensure each patient gets the level of information, support and assistance they require?

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