Cancer World Newsletter - Richard Sullivan: Why are we doing this? Print
Is the "cosy little world of oncology" hampering efforts to control cancer by failing to apply the evidence-based criteria for policy making that it insists on for guiding clinical decisions?

That is the case made in this Cover Story by Richard Sullivan, professor of Cancer Policy and Global Health and leader of the recent Lancet Oncology Commission on Cancer Costs in High
-Income Countries. Sullivan argues that:
  • The people with the loud voices who make the big decisions aren't necessarily the best qualified to do so
  • Debate around affordability of cancer is being stifled because funders, governments,industry and other parts of the cancer community have become too tightly bound together
What do you think?

  • Do we need a more open and rational process for making policy to ensure we get the best outcomes for the most patients?
You can read the article here.