Cancer World Newsletter - Best Reporter, Tobacco tactics in the headlines Print
Cigarette manufacturers survive by exploiting every avenue to ensure each new generation
becomes hooked on their product. But they prefer to operate in secret. This article tells the
story of how Best Cancer Reporter Special Merit Award winner Steve Connor, science
correspondent for the UK's Independent newspaper, made the front page with an exposé of
their tactics.

  • Have you read anything in a newspaper, magazine or online recently that stands out
    as an important contribution to raising awareness about cancer and promoting informed
    discussion about prevention, treatment, research or the challenges of living with the disease?
  • Can you think of any journalist with a particularly good track record of writing about cancer?
If so, please nominate them for ESO’s 2013 Best Cancer Reporter Award, so we can acknowledge
their valuable work and encourage more quality media coverage of cancer.

You can read the article here. Nomination forms can be downloaded here.