Cancer World Newsletter - Patient Voice, What counts as a 'successful' outcome? Print
Doctors frequently feel they have failed a patient if they are unable to cure them. But when a cancer
cannot be cured, there are other yardsticks patients use to judge the success of their treatment.
This Patient Voice hears from four people who speak from personal experience. And it asks whether
we need to adopt a more nuanced understanding of ‘success’, based on matching the patient’s
priorities to the best outcome that can be hoped for.

What do you think?

  • How do you measure the success of a treatment?
  • Do you try to reach agreement with your patients about what would constitute a successful
  • Could a ‘tool’ that helps doctors and patients look at their goal in terms that go beyond the
    strictly medical, to incorporate wider aspects of living with cancer, help both sides feel they
    can achieve success even when there is no cure?
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