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No pathologist can be an expert in every type and molecular subtype of cancer. Without the necessary
systems and supports in place, they will make mistakes, with potentially serious repercussions for patients.
This Systems & Services article looks at a joint initiative of Rare Cancer Europe and the European Society
of Pathology which aims to ensure that cancer patients everywhere get an accurate diagnosis every time.

What do you think?

  • Do you feel you can trust your pathology reports?
  • Are your pathologists an integral part of you multidisciplinary team; do they understand the
    significance of different parameters and how much hangs on getting everything exactly right?
  • Do they have systems and policies in place about seeking expert second opinions in cases of doubt?
  • Are there quality controls in place to ensure that any problems are quickly picked up and addressed?
  • Could more be done to help pathologists get every diagnosis exactly right, as the amount of
    information required on every cancer specimen continues to escalate.
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