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EPAAC is proud to have been invited to present at the AMPHORA (Alcohol Public Health Research Alliance) Final Conference organised by the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and the Swedish Medical Society, on 18 October 2012 in Stockholm.

At the AMPHORA Final Conference the AMPHORA Manifesto was presented. It summarises the key messages and recommendations coming out of the AMPHORA Project. On this occasion, Dr. Sandra Radoš Krnel, EPAAC Coordinator, presented EPAAC.

The findings of the Alcohol Public Health Research Alliance (AMPHORA) a 4-year European Research project, among others include that three drinks a day, the average amount drunk by Europeans, is the same as the toxic level that causes cancer. This level of consumption leads to about 136,000 new cancers a year in the European Union and puts Europeans at a lifetime risk for cancer more than twice that of daily exposure to second-hand smoke.

For more information, please see the Press Release.
To see the AMPHORA Manifesto, please click here.
To see the accompanying video which gives an overview of the main points in the manifesto, please click here.

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