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The Foundation Nederland Normalisatie Instituut (NEN), an EPAAC Associated Partner, has released the CEN Workshop Agreement Quality Criteria for Health Checks (CWA). The CWA describes the basic principles of quality criteria for health checks and has been developed by a group of 36 experts from 16 European countries since 2011.

 Quality criteria for Health Checks aim:
-          to allow clients to make informed choices about health checks,
-          to improve beneficence in prevention and early detection of health risks and disease,
-          to protect individuals against potential adverse consequences (maleficence) of health checks and
-          to ensure the quality of the health checks.

The CEN Workshop Agreement 16624 Health care services - Quality Criteria for Health Checks (June 2013) is available here.

To se a previous version of the CEN Workshop Agreement Quality Criteria for Health Checks, please click here.
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